The HUD CoC Application has been submitted!
Thanks to all of you who provided input and information.
A Copy of the CoC application and Projects can be found under CoC Docs.
We thank all of the organizations that submitted HUD CoC applications this year.

The CoCs Ranking and Scoring Committee met Tuesday, November 3rd to Rank, Score and Tier all HUD CoC Applications.

Based on the NOFA, all applications and the most recent Annual Performance Reports were used in the scoring process.  Based on the scores, the projects were then ranked and placed in the appropriate tiers.  Attached is the outcome of the ranking and the tiers. The committee chose to reallocate funds from the LifeStream project, and these funds will be used for a new Coordinated Intake project. No projects were denied.

Appeals process has been completed, and the final results are listed below.

CoC Information: FL520
PPRN $879,947.00
ARD $370,361.00
FPRN Higher of ARD or PPRN $879,947.00
Tier One ARD times 85% $314,806.85
PH Bonus FPRN times 15% $131,992.05
Tier Two ARD - Tier One + PH Bonus $446,798.90
Planning FPRN times 3% $26,398.41
Note: Don't Rank Planning
CoC Projects
Project Type Amount
A HMIS $76,999.00
B CIA $39,031.00
C Citrus $98,593.00
D Lake $97,857.00
E Lifestream $1,326.85
F Lifestream $56,554.00
G $370,361.00
H Planning $26,398.00
Total Project Application: $396,759.00
Total Project Awards
Tier 1$76,999.00
Tier 1$39,031.00
Tier 1$ 98,593.00
Tier 1
Tier 2$313,806.85Total Tier 1
Tier 2$ 57,881.00 $57,881.00Total Tier 2